Private Fees  

We do not have private patients. Some services however fall outside the NHS and for these a charge will be made. This is because these services are undertaken in the doctors “own time”.

Private Sick Note£16.00
Vaccination Certificate£16.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate£36.50
Fitness to Travel Certificate (non examination)£36.50
Sports Fitness Certificate for Regulatory Body£36.50
Provident Association Claim Form – BUPA/PPP, etc£36.50
School Fees Insurance Claim Form£36.50
Holiday Cancellation – Examination and Report£125.00
Sickness/Accident Benefit Claim Form£36.50
Subsequent Sickness/Accident Benefit Claim Form£18.00
Holiday Cancellation Form (no examination)£36.50
Employer’s Report and Opinion/Pre-employment Report (no exam)£72.00
Pre-employment/Third Party Medical Examination and Opinion£125.00
HGV, PSV, Taxi Driver Examination£125.00
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate (Full exam & report)£125.00
Diabetic Driver Fitness Certificate£125.00
Fitness to Travel Examination and Report£125.00