Test Results

Getting your test results

If your test results show that you need more tests or treatment, we will contact you.

Once a doctor has reviewed your test results, you can view them:

  • in your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • by using our online service
  • phone us on 01913 846171 between 2.00pm – 4.30 pm Monday – Friday and we will tell you what the results are

Please note

Tests you have done are normally processed at the laboratories at University Hospital of North Durham. This will take a few days, following which they will be returned to our surgery for comment by your doctor. 

The result should usually be ready for you 7 days after having your tests.

If your result is normal you will be given the result over the telephone by one of the reception staff. If the doctor needs to speak to you about the result, you will be asked to either make an appointment with the doctor or will be asked to ring back at a mutually convenient time.

The most common tests are described below:

  • FBC- A test looking at the blood cells, often used to exclude anaemia
  • ESR- A test that looks for inflammation in the body
  • U & E- Testing for the kidney function and salts in the body
  • LFT- Tests the liver function and inflammation
  • TFT- Tests the activity of the thyroid gland
  • CHOLESTEROL/LIPIDS- Measures the fatty levels in the blood
  • LH/FSH- Measures hormone levels raised after the menopause
  • MSU- A test looking for infection in the bladder
  • URATE- A test for gout
  • IM/GLANDULAR FEVER- Specific tests for glandular fever
  • HBA1C- Measures the average sugar level over the last few weeks and months
  • ANTENATAL BLOODS- Blood group/rubella immunity and specific infections
  • AUTOANTIBODIES/RHEUMATOID FACTOR- Tests for proteins that result in damage to specific tissues in the body
  • SWABS- Tests that detect whether an infection is present and if detected which antibiotic is appropriate

Some blood test results may require more than the usual 7-day turnaround time, and in certain cases, it could be around 28 days. This extended timeframe is dependent on the specific tests ordered by your healthcare professional.

Please note that inquiries about any test results are handled exclusively between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM. This scheduling helps us streamline our telephone service for the benefit of all our patients.