Long-term Conditions

These are conditions that you live with a long term basis.  A number of these conditions require regular review to make sure they are well controlled. Examples of long term conditions include hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. 

If you have a “Long Term Condition” we will invite you in around your birthday month for a review.  We aim to review all of your long term conditions at the same time. This might include appointments with our nursing team, GPs and pharmacists.  Sometimes you will need a face to face appointment after your initial checks. If a face to face appointment is not needed,  you should receive a letter updating you on your results.  We aim to have this with you within 28 days of your review, but in busier times this may be longer. We strongly encourage you to participate in this review as it allows us to ensure your condition is well controlled and your medication reviewed appropriately.