🚪🔨 Exciting News & A Little Heads-Up! 🔨🚪

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🌟 We’re leveling up! Our front entrance is getting a makeover to make your visits even better.

👉 Here’s the Scoop:

  • Entrance Makeover Mode: Our front door is under construction.
  • Come on in Through the Back: Please use the back entrance for now. Just follow the signs, and they’ll lead you straight to us.
  • Prescription Drop-off Update: Swing by reception to drop off your prescriptions while our usual box is taking a little break.

🙏 Your Patience = Our Progress: We’re sorry for any hiccups along the way, but we promise it’s all for the greater good of the services we provide to you.

Got questions? Need help? Just give us a shout! We’re all ears.

👍 Thanks a million for your understanding and cooperation. Let’s embrace this change together!