Cataracts Pre-operative Assessment

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Patient Information

Version 2     7th February 2018

What is a cataract?

Your optometrist (optician) has identified that you have a cataract, which is where the lens of your eye becomes cloudy, impairing your vision.

This may have happened for no reason, but getting older, smoking and diabetes as well as other factors may contribute as well.

What treatment is available?

Spectacles or contact lenses can only improve your vision so much.

Surgery is a relatively simple procedure that usually takes less than 45 minutes under local anaesthetic (you are not asleep during the operation).

You usually go home the same day after surgery.

Where do I go from here?

In order to find out if surgery would be beneficial for you at this stage, you need a further assessment from an accredited optometrist.

They will examine your eyes again with drops to widen (dilate) your pupils to give them a better view. You will not be able to drive home afterwards. They will check your eyes for other problems and give you more information.

Your local optometrists who offer this service are:

  • 1 Specsavers, Unit 2, 1-4 North Road, Durham – 0191 383 9495
  • 2 Specsavers, 66 Front Street, Chester le Street – 0191 387 2930

Make your own appointment with them, and they will then contact your GP if you are going for surgery. Get in touch with your GP if you have not heard anything after 3 weeks since having your cataract assessment.